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One of the most difficult to acquire rune of this moment, is currently also a great rune for the chronomancer to get.Loc: Massachusetts. Or maybe, 3 memory slot skills *require* you to have some high number invested in a. You can just give it to your ranger at the start.This makes a melee weapon much more versatile in terms of damage.With its duration of only 3 seconds, the mantra requires precise timing to use well.All people panic about underwater combat, and now you have a way to express it with the Wave of Panic ambush skill on trident.As veil will not stack with other stealth buffs, this should always be the first stealth skill you use.To properly keep up alacrity, try to keep two illusionary avengers up at all times.Because of the large amounts of distances this skill can help you travel with your party, several speed clearing records could not possibly do without it.

Unlike decoy, however, being revealed will not allow its use.Its active skill is a is a 5 second unblockable blind for up to 5 targets around the caster in a 360 radius, which now also stealths the caster for 2 seconds.About Dulfy.net Dulfy.net is a website focused on creating high quality guides and walkthroughs for various MMORPGs to help gamers improve and enjoy their game experience.Best to use here are the toxic varients for both maintenance oils and focusing crystals, while for ppower builds, superior sharpening stones are recommended.Mirage Thrust is the sword ambush skill, providing the first ever leap to mesmers all over the world.In the staff section I explained how bouncing projectiles have a tendency to hit allies rather than foes, and sadly, this applies once more.

Finally, when the skill ends the mesmer spawns an axe clone on the nearest target within 480 range.

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While a great skill for CC and defiance removal, its relatively long cooldown of 25 seconds makes it a skill which has little influence in most fights.This blind will last for 4 seconds by default, and affect a maximum of 4 targets.This skill has a 1 second cooldown on both the mantra and charge itself.

The performed attack does a relatively high amount of damage, but has a long cooldown of 10 seconds, keeping damage per second still relatively low.My mez (who is now 20th lvl) has been getting utterly shredded.This allows for a bit more AoE potential on the mostly single target weapon.This skill is unblockable, and can be combined well with the signet of inspiration, later to be discussed.When used while 2 or three phantasms are alive, one of the clones will be summoned as already dead.

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The curtain no longer pulls enemies further than the curtain itself.Slot: PRIMARY Skill: 2H Slashing Atk. If you must insist on serving the mighty Kromzek then go to the caverns of the geonids and bring me four blocks of living.

When activating the Phantasmal Duelist skill, the mesmer shoots their target with a slow homing bullet, which cripples the target for 3 seconds.Combined with mantra of recovery, this makes a fine alternative for chrono tanks.What do you think of Mesmer moving away from Reflects and allowing other classes to bring Reflections, of course when pugging if my team needs reflects dropping Illusions for Inspirations and pistol for Focus offhand.Keep using this build but try the Evasive Mirror trait to add more personal reflection to your arsenal.The force sigil is by far the most used one, its simplicity makes it king.I am very sad to tell you that the guardian, but mostly engineer guide will be taking some time.

The scepter main hand weapon is one with a very interesting set of skills and focuses on the deceptive capabilities of the mesmer.It is the best condition damage weapon currently available to the mesmer, primarily for its ambush skill and a recent nerf to scepter.

It provides a total of 100 power as well as 175 condition damage, but additionally provides a significant 5% damage boost to both condition and power damage, making it is more suitable for builds such as the phantasm mirage, but also fits well on the clone build.Take power block and use mantra of distraction identical to mantra of pain (Given your target has a defiance bar).

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While slightly expensive, the sigil provides 10% extra condition duration, which can not be ignored.The guide emphasize on Power builds and neglects Condition Mesmer.

However, it may be good to go into boon duration a bit more in terms of how much is needed.This skill creates a large area in which up to 10 allies gain the quickness boon, and enemies gain the slow condition.Good point, Ill look into it and add a small paragraph dedicated to the role of the mesmer in raids, which ofcourse will mainly focus on quickness.When activating this skill, the mesmer strikes their foe for a frankly insignificant amount of damage, buffing themselves with 8 stacks of might in the process, lasting 5 seconds.Because of this, your damage output will always be optimal when you are close to your teammates.As explained in the guide, blurred frenzy is a defensive skill more than an offensive one, so sacrificing it just puts more stress on your own survivability.Ineptitude is a very simple skill, it is an AoE blind around the target.This skill makes your character move in a straight line in the direction your character is facing, regardless of its target, damaging all foes in front of you for a maximum of 9 hits.As the projectiles are unable to hit clones, and you are the only non-clone ally, the projectiles you and your clones send out will all follow the Foe-Ally-Foe path.

Due to their variable cost you may want to get a bunch of cheaper icicles for casual days, and take toxic focusing crystals for your proper raid and fractal runs.This is why the ISRD build uses both dueling as well as domination.When the skill hits an ally, they will receive no damage, and instead of burning, three seconds of fury will be added.With a cooldown of 1 second on the charges, it is by far the best option for quick condi removal.The focus is one of the offhand weapons you will be wielding a lot in your career as a PvE mesmer, there is simply no other option, as it holds a large amount of your most valuable abilities, the combination of small scale AoE as well as group support through crowd control and projectile defense make a mesmer without a focus a truly sad sight to behold.Fights in these dungeons take very little time, and thus the focus is still on quick damage and group support.Alacrity also allows for a decrease in the cooldown of confusing images, allowing for more frequent usage.