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If you hold the highest or second-highest flush card along with an unsuited card, you can usually play your hand until the river and a semi-bluff might well be profitable.Was playing hold'em, had 10 10, and the flop was A88 with the turn also an 8. Got beat by 4 of a kind. What i'm wondering is, what are the odds? i.thanks for the responses guys and the odds supplied etc - funny old game poker. The odds are correct,.1% post flop and 2.3% after the turn. Worst I know of?.A flopped straight should therefore always be played aggressively.Holdem after Flop Outs, Percentages and Odds Chart. For those unfamiliar with outs, an "out" is the term used in the after-flop betting rounds to describe any card.One extreme error is betting an amount that could force you (due to pot odds). Post Flop Play For Online Poker Tournaments – Bringing It All Together.Then you are looking for any card that DOES NOT quad up your hole card, which there are 48.Live Coaching: Find live coaching sessions with the coaches.Pre-Flop. igualar la apuesta o subirla. Q. Posteriormente se inicia una fase de tres rondas conocida como Post-Flop. -En el River: ODDS (%)...

Odds of flopping one pair on unpaired hole cards is 41%, I am sure.There are two other ways to flop this type of full house that have an equal chance: (1) tripping the first and third cards while pairing the second, (2) tripping the second and third cards while pairing the first.These are probably not significant enough to change how one would play a hand, but the percent error is a few percentage points.

While you might have held a medicore hand pre-flop, you could be holding a monster on the flop.Lastly, the chance of any 8 out draw would be the sum of the chance of the TYPE-1 draws and the TYPE-2 draws. So.The closer the three gapper is to the Edge, the lower the chance.This makes straight draws possible, as well as making a two pair more likely, since most poker players prefer to play connected starting hands.You are looking for any of the 2 cards that will trip your hole pair.

Post-flop: The Mathematics of Poker - Odds & Outs. The overview on the mathematics of poker - Odds and Outs. Odds from the flop to the turn.Given that our hole cards are F and I and they are two gapped, graphically here are the two TYPE-2 draws.Given that our hole cards are F and G and they are connected, graphically here are the three TYPE-1 8 out draws.Suitedness How many cards of the same suit (suited) does the board have.Holding unpaired cards and flopping EXACTLY four of a kind, three cards to one of your hole cards.

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In order to win a showdown on a flop with only high cards, you usually needs at least a top pair with a good kicker.

When you hit a set, you should also usually bet and raise directly on the flop, so as to extract maximum value for your hand.You can also view our text version of this chart, which makes it easy to copy and paste.If no one has such a strong hand, then an overpair is usually the best hand.Straight draws should only be played if they are on the high-end of the straight and not on the lower end (also known as the idiot end).

How to Improve Your Post Flop Strategy in Poker. Being a game of skill, poker must be played intellectually by its players in order to become more successful on.Holding one gapped connectors 53 through QT and flopping an 8 out draw.

Because of the possible flush draw, weaker draws should only be played with better odds than on rainbow boards.Here is a sample of Poker-Spy's powerful features. Odds and percentages of completing poker hands;. Post flop behaviors and observations.

Smaller flush draws however should be immediatley folded, because of the very high risk of losing the pot, despite improving your hand (i.e. you are drawing dead).You can CERTAINLY arrive at EXACTLY these same numbers using different representations of the problem.

Flush draws are strong hands, which will in 35% of all cases to become a very strong made hand by the river.These connectors have room on both sides to form a number of straights.We are going to call that number S, and we are going to be using it a lot.You are looking for one of the 3 cards that pair your first hole card.